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KGPCo is committed to supporting sustainability, ethical workplace conduct, and safe working conditions for both manufacturing and transportation processes

KGPCo: Corporate Social Responsibility & Sustainability

Our People

Training is a Priority
KGPCo and its partner services support sustainable initiatives Advancements in telecommunications change quickly and KGP constantly provides training to employees in order to stay agile. Training sessions are aimed at equipping KGP employees with required skills needed to stay ahead of the changing technologies in the industry. KGP offers various training courses relevant to individual job functions as the telecommunications industry is changing at a fast rate. Employees are exposed to new techniques, tools, power, skills, and resources. Our training ensures that KGP employees think faster and more accurately to save on time and resources.

Healthy Daily Living
KGP’s Healthy Daily Living (HDL) committee develops employee well-being activities in all our locations, beginning with a Couch to 5K program from April – July! Other activities coming later this year will include a SpeechCraft program (presented in partnership with Toastmasters) and a Breast Cancer/Men’s Health awareness event in the fall.

Our Communities

Military Initiative
KGPCo is proud to have been recognized by GI Jobs as a 2014 Military-Friendly Employer. With the assistance of State and Federal veteran agencies such as the Joining Forces Initiative, ESGR, Hiring our Heroes, and Heroes to Hired, KGP promotes career opportunities and offers community support for our veterans.

Our Suppliers

CSR Assessment
Strategic partnerships with more than 1,500 suppliers place KGP in a unique position to support our Customers’ policies promoting ethical conduct in the workplace, safe working conditions, protection of sensitive information and treatment of workers with respect and dignity, along with responsible manufacturing processes.

  • KGP’s annual assessment measures whether suppliers have policies and processes that support generally accepted standards for social responsibility and sustainability. KGP has future plans to capture Supplier responses on a scorecard which can be provided to Customers in to assist in evaluating performance.
  • KGP has added an expectation of support for Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) principles to contractual language.

Our Environment

GHG Reduction Goals
KGP’s Sustainability and Environmental Management Initiative (SEMI) team has been working to measure and baseline KGP energy consumption and waste output and exploring strategies and have set greenhouse gas (GHG) reduction targets at 5% year over year. Steps taken in the last year include:

  • Moving company-wide toner cartridge purchasing to a partnership with a third party, a switch that’s kept nearly a ton of solid waste out of landfills to date!
  • A goal to reduce company-wide paper usage by 20% over the next three years.
  • A pilot program in one distribution center, focused on optimization of packing materials to right-size packaging, increase recycled content utilized, and improve the % of recyclable content for end users . . . as well as a larger effort to reduce solid waste and increase recycling in the facility.

Our Ethics

Performance and Integrity
KGP has received more than 20 Customer and supplier awards since 1990, an indication of not only our dedication to providing the best possible service at the lowest total cost, but also our commitment to the highest standards of integrity in our business. KGP employees support this level of trust in their daily interactions by upholding our Code of Ethics, which establishes strict guidelines regarding fairness, respect for privacy, and transparency in our actions on our Customers’ behalf.

KGP Logistics and its partner services support sustainable initiatives


  • KGP participates in the Carbon Disclosure Project (, an international, not-for-profit organization providing the only global system for companies and cities to measure, disclose, manage and share vital environmental information.
  • KGP is a subscriber to Ecovadis (, which aims at improving environmental and social practices of companies by leveraging the influence of global supply chains.

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