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Corning Centrix Platform at KGPCo

The Corning Difference

There’s no one more qualified to connect your network. Since inventing optical fiber in 1970, Corning has been at the forefront of fiber optic technology forming the designs, products and guidelines that have become standard in the industry today. Corning Optical Communications is a diversified technology company with a proud history of developing breakthrough technologies that significantly improve people’s lives. We’ve been changing the world through innovation for more than 160 years, and our fiber optic products have been used in the communication networks of the biggest companies in the world. Through KGPCo, Corning is committed to providing a broad range of customer-focused broadband solutions that include cable, connectors, and related passive optical hardware.


Innovation is Core

Innovation is at the core of Corning’s successful history of technology. We leverage our unparalleled expertise in specialty glass, ceramics and optical physics to develop products that serve a variety of industries. Based on our deep understanding of glass, we keep pace with the world’s insatiable demand for bandwidth with optical solutions that put all the information customers need right at their fingertips. With virtually unlimited bandwidth, our innovative fiber rich solutions deliver future enabled broadband capabilities.


Partnership is Key

Our relationship with KGPCo enables us to serve diverse markets more efficiently. Corning shares KGP’s mission to provide solutions that meet our customers’ ever changing needs. Together, we bring the fiber optic products and resources our customers value.


Corning’s Centrix™ Platform, its next-generation switch center solution, combines extreme flexibility and simplicity with the ultimate in density. With superior jumper management and an innovative fiber routing system, the Centrix Platform is a cross-functional system that meets the requirements of multiple application spaces.


  • Supports an industry-leading 4,320 LC or 2,880 SC ports per frame, increasing frame real estate utilization by 50 percent
  • Modular cassette design accommodates various applications, including switch centers, access nodes, street cabinets and building entry points
  • Superior jumper management that accommodates 2.0-mm jumpers
  • Up to 20 percent more jumper routing space and up to 50 percent more cable routing space compared to competitive solutions
  • Frame available in both front or rear cable access designs
  • Offers integration of optical devices such as WDMs, splitters and test ports
  • Offers on-frame splicing without loss of connector count density or special splice housing interconnections


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