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Fiber Indexing by CommScope

CommScope’s pre-connectorized plug-and-play solution allows to:

  • deploy fiber up to 75% faster
  • reduce the amount of cable required by up to 70% 
  • eliminate the need for fiber splicing

How? By changing from a star to a daisy-chain topology for connecting service terminals, and consolidating functionality into the service terminal. By using hardened service terminals with hardened multi-fiber connectors, this architecture combines the advantages of a daisy chain-topology with plug-and-play connectivity.



How Does Fiber Indexing Compare?


Traditional Network

Fiber Indexing Network

Benefits of Indexing

Fiber Distribution Hub

Serves ~240 homes

Serves ~240 homes


Fiber connections
at the fiber distribution hub


Pre-connectorized cables to the terminals

10-15 minutes to plug in cables compared to over 4 hours for splicing individual fibers 

Network topology
from fiber distribution hub to service terminal

Star (hub and spoke)


Standardized lengths of cables simplifies logistics

Total cable length
from hub to service terminal 

20,025 Feet

5,530 Feet

70% reduction in cable laying costs and conduit space required

Service Terminal Functionality

Fan-out (breaks out 8-fiber cable to individual ports)

Fan-out, splitter, and pass-through

Functions of network elements are redistributed to support indexing (no net benefit

Drop Cable
from terminal to the home

Single hardened drop cable

Single hardened drop cable 



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CommScope Wireless Products


- Cables
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- Converged Access Products/ Wideband Edge QAM
- Optical Solutions (FTTx)
- BiMetals

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