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Cell Site

KGPCo is dedicated to providing industry-leading cell site solutions on a National level with skilled resources trained to install and upgrade technology and equipment on existing structures. From analyzing the structure capacity, antenna repositioning to complete installation and new equipment, KGP is experienced to customize cell site solutions based on current and future demands. Cell site services for indoor facilities, outdoor cabinet configurations or backhaul services, are additional KGPCo services utilizing our dedicated and knowledgeable teams of engineers, program managers, installation, and tower crews. The KGPCo installation team is trained and certified for the following:

  • Site Development
    • Acquisitions
    • Civil Design & Engineering (A&E)
    • Zoning and Permitting
    • LOS
    • PCN Coordination
  • Shelter / Ground
    • New Builds
    • Modernization
    • Upgrades
    • Construction
    • Power Plant
    • Integration
    • Pathing
  • Tower
    • Antenna Installation and Modification
    • RF Lines
    • Structural Modifications
  • Operation
    • Maintenance
    • Optimization
    • Decommissioning


KGP has a strong US presence of trained and experienced team members to perform site acquisition and construction, without the need to outsource.


Site Acquisition

Site Acquisition teams have extensive experience working with tier 1 vendors and tower companies throughout the United States, establishing solid understanding of their processes and databases. Our site acquisition services cover the following initiatives:

  • New Build Acquisition
  • Lease & File Audits
  • Site Modifications
  • Master Lease Agreements
  • Site Lease Agreements
  • Zoning and Permitting


Over 22,280 Cell Sites Constructed / Upgraded


Civil Design & Engineering (A&E)

KGPCo recognizes the range of challenges within Civil Design and Engineering for telecommunications. We leverage our deep experience for the most effective solution.

  • Site Walks and Structural Design Reviews
  • Zoning and Construction Drawings
  • Tower Climbing and Mapping
  • Structural Analysis & Modification Designs
  • NEPA/SHPO Compliance (Phase I Environmental) Reports
  • Geotechnical Investigation
  • Environmental Site Assessment
  • HVAC and Commercial Power Site Assessment

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