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KGP Companies is one of the country’s largest single-source, value-added providers of equipment and integrated solutions to the telecommunications industry. As a top performing company, we continue to grow and seek the very best experienced professionals.

KGPCo Core Values:

Question things. Take action.

The outside world changes fast. We change in response. We change fast to ensure relevance. This means everyone actively participates in a culture of inquiry vs. a culture of acceptance and conformity. If we see something that does not make sense, that is inefficient, that is slow then we question it. We ask, “is this the best way, is there a better way?” However, questioning is not enough. We also take action. Everything can be improved upon! When everyone acts in this manner we have an innovative, fast moving, adaptable culture giving us the edge in a hyper turbulent world.


Work hard. Work smart. Enjoy the experience.

Hard work and determination is at the core of KGP. Working hard and working smart means we are focused on our goals, work to serve the customer, build relationships, question and take action and work to improve ourselves. This is “good hard work”. This is productive.

We have an environment where everyone lives the values. We have an environment where everyone makes a significant impact!

Enjoy the experience.


The customer is everything.

We go “above and beyond” with our customers. They are the reason we exist. We put ourselves in the shoes of our customers. We think like them. A customer expects us to be brilliant at the basics. This means flawless daily operations! We continually strive to over deliver. And, in the rare instance when we have not met the expected high level of service we are remarkable at recovering. When we do these things, our customers tell positive stories and say “Wow”.


Relationships matter. All of them.

It is about relationships! Customers, Suppliers, Employee to Employee, and Leader to Employee. We understand the importance of great relationships. We talk about them, we excel at building them, we value them. It begins with a positive employee experience for coworkers and leaders. Our work force is characterized by respect, trust, kindness, forgiveness and inspiration. In addition, leaders connect with employees, teach, develop and do it with humility. This positive employee experience acts as the foundation and leads to similar experiences and relationships with customers and suppliers who we view as trusted partners.


If you want to part of a company in which you can reach your full potential, deliver results and be a part of our Core Values, we encourage to apply. To view job postings, click here.

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